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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  July 23, 2016 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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kimberly: forget the running of the bulls in spain. this involved ernest hemingway ink-alike's and fake bulls key west, florida -- and probably a little bit of rum. andeatured past winners current competitors in the papa hemingway look-alike contest.
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only lived in key west for 10 years, lived in cuba for 20. robert: i just learned a lot of people look like ernest hemingway. kimberly: i would have gone with a fake bull, absolutely. no running tomorrow, people, it will be hot. josh: exactly, take it easy. sunday at the citi open, mid 90's. not quite as muggy as today, but it will still feel hot. monday i think will be the hottest temperatures of the season. kimberly: we are not going to go to bed yet. why should over two hundred years of citi® history matter to you? well, because it tells us something powerful about ogress. that whether times are good or bad, people and their ideas will continue to move the world forward.
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the democrats are filing into philadelphia, getting ready for the dnc to kickoff monday. the dems will become the first major political party to
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hillary clinton made it official, introducing virginia senator tim kaine as her running mate. karen travers has more on the campaign stop in florida. the fired up crowd of 5000, waving fresh off the press signs. hillary clinton and tim kaine with their first joint appearance as running mates. >> make no mistake, behind that smile, tim also has a backbone of steel. just ask the nra. up clintonmic picked cheering him on. kaine sprinkling in spanish through his speech. and wasting no time slimming donald trump. >> you want a "you are fired president" or "you are hired president"?
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karen: donald trump said isis and our other enemies are drooling. offwith convention kicking monday, a brewing embarrassment for democrats will stop wikileaks releasing nearly 20,000 internal dnc e-mails to stop the rise of bernie sanders. sander supporters are angry, his campaign manager saying with a clear example of the dnc taking sides and somebody needs to be held accountable. for the clinton campaign, today was all about strategy. announcing her running mate from virginia in florida. the clinton campaign believes if they win those two states, they will win the white house. karen travers, abc news, philadelphia. did for the we republicans, we'll have complete coverage of the dnc with chief political correspondent scott thuman and maryland bureau chief brad bell, starting live monday. some rep
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others are calling it the death of our party. one such group gathered as trump gave his acceptance speech at the rnc, holding a traditional irish wake. tim barber takes us inside. pictures of the republican party's biggest stars lined the gop casket. according to andrew, the time of death was the moment donald trump clinched the nomination. >> i believe that donald trump is not just unqualified to be president but is a danger to the country. some trump supporters say these republicans are sore losers. he won the primary fair and square with roughly 14 million votes. >> will win so big. week, she has not been able to watch the convention. >> i think we have lost our way. we are not focused on the core issues. tim:
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thursday's wake further proof the republican party is fractured, but there is a debate how big the problem is. >> i think the wounds are potentially fatal. tim: that means that this year he is going to cast a ballot he never thought he would cast, and other republicans say he never should. >> republicans who feel that donald trump is an unacceptable choice are faced with a devil of a choice. tim: tim barber, abc 7 news. kimberly: covering metro, the next phase of save track is now underway. back tove takes things where they started, meaning single tracking between east falls church and ballston on the orange and silver lines. as round of work will continue until the end of july. unusually serious crime, e-zpass owners beware and check your online accounts immediately for stop creative criminals have come up with a new way to cheat you out of your
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and replacing it with one that is fake and identical looking. chris papst broke the story. chamberlin contractors in laurel, maryland, just celebrated its 40th year. through all of them, harold greene has led the way with his signature laugh. >> thank you very much. chris: he has seen a lot, but there is one thing he did not see coming -- and he is not laughing. >> never crossed our mind. i never would have thought an e-zpass transponder could be a license to steal. chris: it's a remarkably simple crime. the thieves find a truck that is open. when he gets inside, he takes your e-zpass and replaces it with a fake one. in less than five seconds, a crime that could cost you for months, or until you figure it out. this person figured it out at the business.
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e-zpass bills did not look right. on a whim she compared the gps in the truck with the time and date of a recent poll charge. they did not match. >nice job investigating. >> i was shocked. i was trying to figure out how they were doing it. chris: she analyzed 11 weeks of tolls and 2015. of e-zpass charges from vehicles not own or driven by employees. when you saw that number, what did you think? >> how am i going to be compensated for the loss that has been perpetrated on our company. i think i made our first call to our attorney. the u.s.zpass in justice department have launched investigations into this fraud, which we know includes chamberlain and other local companies. until charges are filed, the feds will not tell us how widespread the crime is.
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protecting itself. all transponders have been personalized with simple designs. if any are stolen it replaced, they will be noticed. >> i would like to find who the culprits are in bring them to justice. chris: chris papst, abc 7 news. kimberly: tonight and a developing story, a stressful trend at what is supposed to be a place of relaxation. a number of yoga and pilates studios targeted by criminals. through d.c.ions and northwest have been hit in the past six weeks. at one location in ivy city, the whole thing was caught on camera. >> i think they are targeting yoga studios because they probably think we are easy targets. we don't have security guards, so it's probably an easier place. kimberly: the police are still searching for the person in the surveillance video from the studio. anyone with information is
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year's nba all-star weekend. why the league is moving the game. plus, a near miss for police in baltimore. why they say the driver in this crash was distracted, and a larger warning. josh: and today was hot, upper 90's. the forecast is coming up.
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kimberly: the nba all-star game will not be in charlotte. the league says the celebration is searching for a new location because of north carolina bathroom walls that they say discriminate against the lgbtq muted a. -- the lgbt community. i hope to bring the all-star weekend back to charlotte in 2019. a phenomenon sweeping the globe is causing safety concerns. we are talking about pokemon go. the newest fear is distracted driving. baltimore police released this body camera footage from monday night, showing a driver slimming into a police cruiser. nobody was hurt. the driver immediately admitted he was playing the game. as ryan found, that is one of many incidents prompting a push for safety. ryan
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: this person has been playing pokémon as long as she can remember. >> i'm a giant fan, and that's all i can really say. ryan: she cannot describe why, except -- >> it basically brings all the pokémon to life, which is a dream come true for me. ryan: ever since pokemon go hit the market, she has been glued to her cell phone. imagine 12 hours, nonstop. that is what is happening at the district government center in fairfax county. >> we sought is a great opportunity to have an event with the police to share safety tips. ryan: kids have access to a module and at the same time are learning how to play the game safely from the police. since the game was launched, the list is growing of where not to play pokémon. the police say one of the most dangerous places is in the drivers seat. baltimore police released th
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driver crashing into a patrol car while playing pokemon go. county, the police clocked a driver this week hitting 80 miles per hour going after a pokémon at a 50 mile per hour zone. >> not even slowing, was not paying attention. ryan: vienna police have seen pokémon drivers driving erratically. now the police are telling players don't get behind the wheel. >> everyone likes to play, but do so safely. kimberly: still ahead, get ready to say "aw." this video does more than just has how cute bei bei gotten. zookeepers are getting him ready for his first birthday. plus the weather forecast.
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kimberly: the cutest video that you will see all day, courtesy of the national zoo. zoo live day training session with the panda cup bei bei, getting him ready to interact with other pandas. born august 22, and you can bet there will be quite a celebration for his birthday. bring out the popsicles. they bring out a bunch of bamboo and popsicles
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their age. the pandas love it. like giant popsicles. josh: that is also. it's so hard to believe that he was this small. kimberly: you will need the popsicles and anything cold. josh: yes, all of it. take the family to the swimming pull tomorrow. lots of sunshine tomorrow. the temperature right now at reagan national, these are feels like numbers that includes the humidity, 95 degrees. it is worse downtown than most places. reston feeling like 76, low 80's manassas, so almost everywhere it is still really warm. that's because the dew points are in the low to mid 70's. culpeper, it is air that you are almost wearing, it is so much moisture in it.
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on top of that, we have the temperatures that are in the upper 90's. that will still be the trend tomorrow. watching this one shower and thunderstorm, getting weaker, just off to the southeast of fredericksburg, working its way out of the area entirely. overnight and have some raindrops, but we are looking at a dryer trend the rest of the night. 76 d.c. in the morning, 71 winchester, 72 leesburg. some places in the 60's, but most of us start off very warm and still very muggy. the high temperatures for everybody, in general going for about 97 degrees. not as muggy as today. the dryer moving in overnight. still we will have a heat index or you can tackle on 3, 4 degrees. as we work our way back towards d.c., 97, 95 burtonsville, annapolis 92, 96
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further south, similar numbers, still 98 fredericksburg, 97 stafford, 95 closer to the bay. further west, mid to upper 90's as well. be ready for that tomorrow. humidity is back in the forecast. that will bring a chance of thunderstorms. it also means i think monday in particular is when we will have the highest feels-like temperature, the highest heat index. tuesday, mid 90's. finally drier weather. a little more comfortable temperatures, low 90's towards the end of the week, bringing back a chance of storms. ofberly: still ahead, dozens cats rescued from deplorable conditions.
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kimberly: dozens of cats living in deplorable conditions at a d.c. home. some were found in a u-haul van behind the home. rescued, but tonight the search for even more who could be in danger. are looking atou are literally in a state of shock as they try to recover from the horrible trauma. >> this was not ideal. the washington humane society said tuesday night
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cats in deplorable conditions inside of a home or the 800 block of decatur street in northwest washington. animal officers rescued 44 cats, including young kittens. two women living illegally in the residence are suspected of hoarding and inhumane treatment. investigators believe the woman fled and took with them more than a dozen cats. >> we think they had several unsterilized adults and the breeding kept going and going. jay: some of the cats were overheating in a u-haul truck nearby, some underweight, others with upper respiratory infections. none at this point have been euthanized. it will take time for the cats to fully recover for adoption, so the humane society is suggesting if you want to help, adopt another one of their cats. >> on any given day we taken a good number of cats. it pales in comparison with yesterday. what people can really do to help his adopt a cat. jay: jay
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kimberly:though sad faces.
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